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I am so self centered. I am so self absorbed. I am so me, me and then some more me! I love me, I am a good man. I take care of my family, my house, my business. I sacrifice my time for others, time I will never get back in my life, time that I could be spending on me. 


HOW PUTRID! What a wretched person I am!


Can you relate? Are your (my) priorities right? I think not.


Our state Governor put out a proclamation to all 99 counties in the state of Iowa that the Holy Bible be read in front of each courthouse. I was thinking, "that's awesome". And then my wife and I signed up to read. Each person is assigned 15 minutes, the reading would be from 8am Thursday to 4pm Sunday. That's a lot of reading!


I am not a great reader, I was a bit nervous admittedly. We read on Thursday evening, I read "ok". I have had eye surgery recently that has helped greatly but my eyes are still getting use to each other since they are set for monovision.


We also signed up for reading Friday evening as well with our study group. The reading went much better, not as nervous at all. I really began to feel the Holy Spirit moving at the court house and through His people. We inquired about open reading slots for Saturday and we signed up again. On Saturday, there was an even large group that planned on reading until midnight! I decided to stay until the readings were done. What a blessing!


During our Saturday time we were blessed to witness to a man accepting  Jesus as Lord and Savior, praying for a woman that admitted to many years of drugs and alcohol abuse, a random car pulling up to ask what was going on and a group of woman praying with them at their car door, and a young man confiding his worries about his girlfriend that was just jailed.  The gospel was shared over and over!  But the Lord wasn't finished that day because at nearly midnight I was able to witness to a man that claimed to be agnostic.


I set out Saturday morning with many things to do, as the day went on, the list grew bigger. I was all but ready to cancel our reading time and just stay home.






I read as planned, I was able to see God working in a way I have not witnessed before. As I look back, I feel so small for thinking what I had "planned" was more important. I was so wrong!


Let all the Glory be to God!


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