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A Simple Thing Like a Chair

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without simple things? Oh, like say, a chair to sit in? Notice how the missionary in this picture above is trying to blend in. . . It is TEA TIME in the village. Everyone is gathering for a break between chores as they listen to the gospel story. Below are pictures of a village at the end of a long 7-mile hike up to the top of a mountain. In the cool, early-morning, mountain fog the men of the village are gathered for a “town meeting” to discuss how alcohol is ruining their lives but they don’t know what to do about it. They are all addicted. (Notice… no chairs. Are your knees hurting yet just looking at these pictures?)

I This is the kitchen/main living room of this house in the mountains. If this were America, it would be like sitting around the dining room table or kitchen table with friends. Only… again… no chairs… and no table. The middle of the room has a fire pot where all of the cooking is done. This is normal for the houses that are in the cooler regions. In the hot regions the cooking is all done outside. As we drank our tea the women all agreed that the men had a drinking problem. The missionaries shared how Jesus, the Creator God, can help them and save them through believing and trusting in his plan: Jesus’ death on a cross, His permanent resurrection and eternal reign.

Behind the missionary in the picture on the right are the Buddhist household statues. The statues are bowed to, spoken to, and given food and drink several times a day. (It was reported that: the statue’s food never was eaten…) The missionaries slept in this room beneath the statue. (One of the nights after everyone had gone to bed the lady missionaries got really tickled about something. And because there are also no beds… but only flat mats…the giggling missionaries accidentally shook the whole house and caused the Buddhist hutch to rattle and shake loudly. This did not make the giggling stop… but only made it harder TO stop. It’s a good thing that giggling is a universal language. Lord, may YOUR love for them be as apparent and their idolatry as shaken. )

Though these children do not have electricity or running water they have plenty of space, large homes, ox and vegetables that they can grow. They grow green tea to sell to the market below the mountain at a very cheap price. You can’t see well in the picture, but the boy in the front had boils and warts all over his body. He was becoming deformed. He stayed close by the whole time and was most interested in the stories. May the LORD bless this village – perhaps through this boy. The story of Jesus and His salvation was shared several times in this village through multiple means… but…how can anyone forget their faces? How can we not cry out to the LORD for them?


How can we not remember them?...

…every time I look at or sit in a chair…


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