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Progress Update from Ryan

Progress Update from Ryan Wilkerson

Just wanted to update ya on how things are going. Almost $25,000 have been donated up to this point in time. I have now shared at 6 churches and 1 school. All have been amazing experiences that have allowed me to not only share, but molded me and grown me in ways I never would have imagined. The "sharing" alone has been blessing in itself. The level at which individuals and congregations have financially and spiritually (through prayer) supported is such a blessing/praise. 


I am still waiting on the FBI, but they are making progress. I called them last week and they were opening mail from December 1-5. I submitted mine sometime around the 15th of December. At the end of this past work week, I made a contact within the FBI that might be able to help expedite the process a little. Patience is definitely key, and it will happen in God's timing. One prayer request is that the end process goes smoothly. In addition, prayers for the family would still be much appreciated. The parents are still doing fairly well with everything, but I know these last few weeks will be more difficult than others. Lastly, prayers for safety when traveling would be appreciated. 


Thanks again,


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