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South Africa Mission Update

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I just wanted to update you all with what is going on within The Message Trust, answered prayer requests, and prayer requests.

I left the U.S. on the 26th of April and arrived in Cape Town on the 27th. The flight and all of the logistics around my flights couldn't have went any better than they did! On the 28th, the day after my arrival, I started working at The Message. I immediately started liking the people and work environment. 

Another answered prayer request is that driving and getting a car has gone well thus far. I was able to get a Toyota rental car for free until I find a car that will be sufficient and reliable. The first day of driving was a bit rough, but everything is going smoothly now. 

So far, I have been to the prison three times. Twice to teach discipleship classes taught from the book "Every young mans battle". Then once for a anti-gang curriculum that The Message has developed. The anti-gang curriculum is taught by the second year students to any prisoner who wants to attend. There were about 30 prisoners that attended that day. Honestly, it was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever been a part of. The vision is to see these young men give these MEP(Message Enterprise Program) talks--based on the TED talks concept-- at schools in the cape town area. The initial launch will be sometime in late June. So please pray that gods hand will be in the logistics of getting the prisoners into the school. 

Another prayer request is that god will bless the building The Message Trust has just moved into. The organization relocated to new building in a town call Woodstock just east of Cape Town's city center. In the past three days the building has been broken into through the roof two times. Prayer is definitely needed in the next few months for the building and its community during its renovation and remodeling stage. 

This week I will be inside of the prison three days and the office the other two days. While in the prison we will be helping the students with fine tuning their MEP Talks, watching the students present module two of MEP Talks, and teaching from "Every young mans battle". 

I will be sure to send another email next Saturday or Sunday updating you all. Sometime near the end of the month, I will be sending the formal letter updating each individual church. In addition, I will be posting some more posts on Facebook and share The Message Trust's Posts, but ill try to keep it uncluttered.

Thanks again for all of the prayers and support.


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