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Something to brag about....

Do you mind if we brag a little? 

One of our Jr High students here at FBCB, competed in a regional spelling bee.  Wednesday night Kyle

Skinner competed against 74 area spellers going 29 rounds before walking away with First Place Trophy as Regional Champion Speller.  

The winning words?  “masala” and “Fahrenheit”. As regional champion, Kyle will have a chance to represent the Quad Cities region in a national spelling competition in Washington DC. 

 Impressed?  I know we are! 

Although this is a pretty impressive accomplishment for such a young man, that’s not what we wanted to brag about.

After the competition, local reporters interviewed Kyle about his win but the flurry of activities after the win prevented his parents from listening to his interview.  That’s okay, because the article published in the Rock Island Dispatch-Argus the next morning revealed much more than a champion speller.  His response to the reporter’s questions was simple but knocked our socks off!

 “I have to give the glory to Jesus Christ.  He is my savior, and that is who I live for.”

 A humble 7th grader just summed up what FBCB members should be all about!! 

Brings a tear to your eyes, doesn’t it?


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