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All in How You Look at it....

I made a statement on Facebook yesterday about how un-believable it is to me that one could look at the beauty and majesty around us or look at the miracle of birth or even just at the fact that you cut your hand and it heals and not just have to know that someone had to have designed all this – that it could not just have HAPPENED willy nilly – evolved into this over time…


Of course my one relative came back with the age old argument that if there was a God then why did he give me cancer.  I told him in the Word it says it rains on the just and the unjust and that some of these things that happen to us are just a part of this life, but how we are able to stand through them, possibly see healing, or just have peace in the passing if this is not to be so, all comes through the grace of God.  I let him know that I have several friends that I have seen healed and I have several that are not going to beat this Cancer thing or other bad ailments, but the one thing they have in common is that they did it all with Christ by their side.  To be able to die in peace, knowing where you are going, and knowing that while you were here you were a witness of this in this life can be a true blessing.  The legacy you leave behind and the strength you show in the going.  


I say all this to say after speaking with him and driving to work this morning looking at the river and the beautiful sky as I often do thinking how gorgeous it is out, I was reminded of the fact that I feel the same way about storms most times; how magnificent they are, how ominous the clouds look, how I love the sound of the rain pouring on the roof and the jolt of those lightning bolts.  I then thought of when I told him it rained on the just and the unjust and it’s all in how you look at it that matters and I felt like God was speaking to me and through me and I had to write this all down…


With him I also added if he ever blamed God for the beautiful blessings he has in his two little girls, a wonderful wife with a great job, a nice house, two vehicles, etc.  No, he wouldn’t do that and he considers those the most important things in his life, but he blamed a God he doesn’t believe in because he got Cancer.  In addition, we have all prayed for him during this time and they operated and got 95% of the cancer and one following procedure is supposed to remove any threat of it returning so has he blamed God because he is being healed – has he THANKED HIM?  No, he said he wouldn’t do that because he doesn’t believe there is a God; what he has is of his own making and the doctor’s skills….well doesn’t that mean the cancer must be of his own making too? It is not so – it is life and it is all in how you look at it and who you walk through it with….


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