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What do you deserve?

I just heard a commercial on the radio that said “……I got the money I deserved”, in regards to a car accident settlement.


My mind settled on the word"deserved".


What is it that we actually deserve? Do we deserve a nice car, truck, boat or house? What about a good job, spouse, friends or children? It is nice to have all the things listed above.  It is nice to have a nice vehicle that doesn’t break down daily, a job that provides the house that protects you and your family and food for your stomachs.


Bottom line, when I hear someone say the words “you deserve" or "I deserve” well......



The only thing people deserve is death. A horrific death with a never-ending torture that is more than unbearable and yet will not stopping for eternity, NEVER STOPPING!!


As much as we think we deserve things, including myself, we don’t!


Good News is our God is merciful!! As sinful as man is, our God loves us beyond what we can even imagine, a love that will never end, NEVER STOPPING!!   We deserve death but he offers Christ instead.  


Think about that....and be grateful.


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